David G. Lieby 
310 Everson Dr. 
Santa Cruz, CA 95060 
Cell (831) 332-4303 
Home/Fax (831) 427-3280 

I am an Electronics Hardware Design Engineer. I have experience in many different areas of
electronics hardware. My career has been built on Analog and Digital systems engineering. 
This includes: 
. Working with the marketing team on marketing requirement documents for a project
. Working with mechanical and software engineering on system definition 
. Design of the electronic hardware
. Supervision of PCB layout
. Acquisition of parts for prototyping 
. Supervision of fabrication and build of the prototype PCB
. System debug and hardware-software integration 
. Product test and test procedures
. Product technical and user documentation 
. Product FCC/UL/CSA/CE certifications

With Design Tools - Cadence PCB design tool suite, HSpice, VHDL and Verilog design and 
simulation, Orcad, Pads PCB, Pads Power Logic, Synopsys tools, Altera, Actel and Xilinx FPGA 
tools, Synplicity, Synario, Visio, Timing Designer, CADCAM Vision. 

With Analysis Tools – Cadence PCB signal integrity analysis tools, HSpice simulation, PERL, 
Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers, In Circuit Emulators, Timing Analyzers, Logic Analyzers, 
Power Supplies, Device Programmers, DVMs and a Soldering Iron.
With Parts - Digital ASICs, FPGAs, Intel and Motorola processors, EPROM, EEPROM, FLASH,  
SRAM, DRAM, SDRAM, SGRAM, Video Chips from MediaQ and S3, Audio chips, Analog from discrete 
parts through off the shelf subsystems. 

Design - I have designed systems for Embedded computing systems and  Thin Clients, Video 
Presentation Systems, OCR image collectors and recognition engines, Video Arcade Games and 
Robotics. I have designed specialized signal processing ASICs, Power supply and control 
circuits, Analog Signal processing systems, Image capture systems, Audio and Video output 
systems, Optical and Illumination systems. I have designed systems with interfaces to a large 
number of standard bus systems, ranging from ISA to PCI. 

Debug - I enjoy the process of Hardware debug and Hardware-Software integration. I have 
extensive experience with RFI and EMI qualification of product. Assurance of conformity of 
products to FCC class B and assuring  they meet the specifications necessary for 
international shipment. 

Product tracking - I have worked with ISO9000 procedures.  I have written alone and with 
groups - product specifications, product descriptions, test procedures, component 
qualification criteria and patent applications. 

7 June 2006 -Present
Altera Corporation, Santa Cruz Technology Center
Santa Cruz CA

Position: Development Kit Engineer

At Altera I now do Signal Integrity Analysis 
This job entails working closely with several teams in marketing and product IP development to create kits to 
demonstrate the capabilities of FPGAs, Intellectual Property and the development software.  
I created fully documented development kits that are sold to customers to be used by them 
to gain confidence in FPGA solutions for many different design challenges.

15 April 2002 - 6 June 2006 
Siemens Medical, Ultrasound Division
Mountain View, CA 

Position: Signal Integrity Engineer

I worked as a signal integrity engineer, doing analysis of high speed circuits from the 
individual circuit to full system signal integrity. The job entailed the use of Cadence PCB 
Design and analysis tool suite, Hspice.  Models in IBIS, DML and Hspice were used.  I was 
responsible for company wide service in signal integrity analysis and keeping the system 
library files up to date. I also provide design work for the development team when the 
development schedule requires it.
21 July - 31 December 2001 
Network Computing Devices 
301 Ravendale Drive 
Mountain View, CA 94043 

Position: Contract Principal Hardware Engineer 

Debugged existing, board level Thin Client system based on the National  Geode. I redesigned 
portions of the existing circuit to improve manufacturability. I did extensive modifications 
to improve RFI radiation and quiet down the video signals. Worked with contract workers in 
Singapore for PCB layout and fabrication.  I Performed hardware bring-up of improved boards. 
I did extensive work on component changes to reduce parts cost. Worked closely with software 
engineering to improve system operation. 

26 June 2000 - 20 July 2001 
Extenex Corporation 
2901 Park Avenue, Suite B2 
Soquel, CA 95073 

Position: Principal Hardware Engineer 

At Extenex I was part of a design team that put together a presentation  manager system 
called the Handheld Theater (HHT). This was a single  board product about the size of a Palm 
Pilot. Multiple Power Point presentations, jpeg files and other graphic information could be 
converted and downloaded into the HHT. The HHT could be plugged into an overhead projector, 
monitor or Television and the images displayed.  There was an RF remote with Laser pointer 
for the presenter to control the slide show.   I did all the hardware from design to 

Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA - courses in Linux system administration, Perl and Java.
UCSC Extension, Santa Clara, CA - VHDL design. 
De Anza College, Cupertino, CA -- ANSI C and C++ classes. 
San Jose City College, San Jose, CA - AA in Mathematics with honors. 
Various classes provided by manufacturers, specific to their products. 

I was issued a patent while working at Barrett Electronics. 
I successfully redesigned legacy integrated circuits for new technologies. 
I have continually updated my skills as new technology came along. 
References available on request. 
. I enjoy Hiking, Surfing, Reading and Motorcycle Riding. 
. I have a wife, four grown children and two grandchildren. I like to do stuff with them all.