The History of West Park Labs

West Park Labs was created as a consultancy.  The original mission was to provide design support for small to medium projects in the Optical Character Recognition field.

The first project was a business card scanner.  The design was done with Creative Sales, for Seiko.  I participated in all of the design and development effort from product conception.  We developed a system that plugged into the parallel port of an IBM PC compatible computer.  The unit was wall powered.  I developed the analog and digital systems for detecting, scanning and ejecting the business card.  I also wrote software to test the system and provided guidance to the Software Engineering group during device driver creation.  I worked with design and manufacturing management at Seiko to iron out production bugs that came up as the product went to manufacture.

I did engineering work for SyQuest.  SyQuest did FPGA to ASIC conversion and was working on cleaning up the design flow for Xilinx FPGAs.

Viquest Manufacturing bought the design of the Business Card Reader from Seiko and wanted to upgrade it to USB.  We did the design a couple of different ways to cut costs and the product works great.

I worked with Network Computing Devices to debug and release a couple of Thin Client systems based on X86 chipsets from National Semiconductor and Intel Corporation.

I have worked with IDE in Scotts Valley on several projects, providing engineering expertise when needed.

The consulting has been interspersed with direct employment over the years.  For a complete time line please see my resume.